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The Reverent Few 

Forged in Chicago's rhythm and blues scene, now pulsating in Austin's vibrant music scene for 10+ years, The Reverent Few is more than a band; it's an evocative odyssey. This quartet conjures a cocktail of blues undertones, angsty rock-n-roll soul, punctuated by gospel shouts. With unbridled honesty about pain and the human condition, their songs shoot from the heart and the hip.

The magnetic Paige DeChausse, surprises with a vocal prowess that belies her stature, pouring heart and soul into every note. By her side, Nick James weaves fiery guitar riffs and slides, pairing his robust vocals. The two pair like a symphony reminiscent of a vintage Cabernet and seamless smokey cigar. The rhythm section is unshakably grounded by Ashlyn Shanafelt, whose vibrant energy and infectious groove are perfectly complemented by Spanky's deep, resonating basslines.

Amidst their exhilarating performances, there's a warmth that The Reverent Few exudes, making every listener feel embraced, like an extended member of their musical family. Their diverse influences range from the poignant lyricism of John Prine to the daring ingenuity of David Bowie, crafting a sound that's timeless yet uniquely their own.

Ears at the ready, because 2024 promises a cascading flow of new songs from THE FEW And watch those city lights: The Reverent Few are on the move, and they might just be heading your way.