Stories and Thoughs


This morning I woke up in Morris, IL at the Holiday Inn Express. There's a peacefulness to a continental breakfast augmented with the excitement of a machine that makes pancakes to-order.

The journey began Wednesday when me, David Jimenez (RF), Amanda Darnell (RF), Andrea McGee (Beat Root...


I miss my dad. When I was young my father would let me come to work with him from time to time. He framed houses in Central Illinois, and he was great at it. It took me years to know how great he was at it. He could look at a blueprint and in his mind he could see every wall, stair, hip, valley,...


Paige has been back in Illinois now for two weeks, and it goes without saying that I'm missing my lady. Even though I lack the right pillows to emulate her head on my chest as we fall asleep to Bob's Burgers playing on the laptop, I'm not sad that she's gone. I'm not sad because I know she's...


Today is the 6 year anniversary of the first contact between Nick & Paige. It was strange to be reminded of this momentous occasion by way of a standardized Facebook "you've been friends for 6 years" automated video, but, alas, that is where we first connected. That makes today, 3/22/17, our...